Celebrating our 15-year history

1999, Bunk1 Begins!

In the summer of 1999, Ari Ackerman graduated from Northwestern’s Kellogg Business School and knew two things: He never outgrew his passion for summer camp and had a fascination for the emerging world of the Internet. He therefore founded Bunk1.com with its mission of provide technological solutions to camps while maintaining the integrity of the camp experience he loved so dearly.


1999 – 2001, The Early Years

Ari, equipped with a business plan and a dream, jumped in his beat up 10-year-old car and logged 3,000 miles, introducing himself to over 100 camp directors in the first summer. The idea was in its infancy but he was met with enthusiasm and excitement (for the most part :-)). Some of the Camp directors he met that first summer are his best friends in the industry. Over 100 early adopters sign up in the summer of 2000.


2001 – 2003, Innovation Excites

Bunk1 creates and introduces the immensely popular online photo gallery and Bunk Notes (a one-way email service for parents) to the camp world. CNN, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine all feature articles on Bunk1’s services to camp parents. The idea had generated momentum and Bunk1 was now serving over 300 camps across the country.


2003 – 2005, Bunk1 Expands

Bunk1 moves to a larger office on West 61st Street in New York. Bunk1 added additional services including Bunk Replies, online newsletters, message boards, staffing services, and summer camp search engines. Bunk1 DB, the camp industry’s first online database was developed and launched from our West 61st Street Office.


2005 – 2007, Building the Brand

By 2004, Bunk1 had attended over 100 camp conferences, spoken to thousands of camp directors, and served over 1 million camp parents. Bunk1 was widely known throughout the industry and parents were requesting Bunk1’s services by name. The dream of having a true impact on the camp industry had been realized.


2007 – 2009, 10-Year Anniversary

Bunk1 celebrates 10 years in the camp industry. Continuing their role as the leader in the technological world of summer camps, Bunk1 introduces Camp Scheduling, streamlining the process of activity scheduling for camp directors.


2009 – 2011, Rapid Technological Change

With social media becoming increasingly popular by the minute, Bunk1 finds new ways to integrate the most popular networking sites. Providing camp directors with the ability to allow photo tagging, add effects to transform photos with 25 different filters, notify your Facebook fans when new photos are uploaded, and integrate twitter for efficient communication with your parents.


2011 – Present, A Fresh Approach

Building on close to 15 years of experience and employing a team with over 100 years of combined camp experience, Bunk1 launches its 2.0 version of an all-inclusive camp management solution. The New Bunk1 took the best from our past, integrated the latest innovations, and responded to customer feedback to produce an intuitively designed, comprehensive, and customizable database management program for camp directors.