Bound by a shared passion for problem solving and a drive to have a significant impact on the camp world!

Meet our Team

Our dedicated team is passionate about the summer camp industry and strives to continually improve the experience for campers, parents, camp directors and their staff. We are committed to serving you.

Ari Ackerman

Ari Ackerman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hometown: New York, NY

Like many former campers, Ari never outgrew his love of the camping industry. As a career camper, Ari spent many memorable summers at Camp Winaukee in Lake Winnipesaukee, NH and at Camp Mohawk in White Plains, NY. His twelve year career reached its apex when, as color war captain, he lead his dominant blue team to a landslide victory. Ari hopes that Bunk1.com will serve as a means to give back to an industry that gave so much to him. At Bunk1, Ari is responsible for the company’s growth, strategic development and overall management. He graduated with honors from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management with concentrations in marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. His background includes product management with the Sunny Delight brand at Procter & Gamble, and with the Marketing department of HFS (now Cendant Corporation). Additionally, he worked on Capitol Hill for the Banking and Financial Services Committee.

With baby-soft hands, cheetah-like instincts and a swing that would make Donnie Baseball jealous, Ari, Bunk1′s third baseman, is the cornerstone of our softball team. In what only can be considered an egregious oversight, Ari just narrowly missed getting voted onto baseball’s all-century team. We can only hope that the voting committee won’t make the same mistake twice.

He is also very proud of the home run he hit at the Camp Winaukee Alumni Weekend two years ago.

Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams
Favorite Album: Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits
Favorite TV Show: The Office

Email Ari: ari@bunk1.com

Alex Melman

Alex Melman

Software Engineer

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where he lives today, Alex works as a software developer at Bunk1. As a kid, he enjoyed building things out of Lego blocks, and today enjoys building software, playing video games, and drinking tea.

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favorite Video Game: Team Fortress 2

Favorite Tea: Jasmine Green

Lindley Spiegel

Lindley Spiegel

Lead Account Manager

Hometown: Plantation, Florida

Lindley was born and raised in the Sunshine State but always loved spending her summers out of the heat and in the cool mountain air as a camper at Camp Pinewood in North Carolina. Lindley’s favorite camp memory is when she narrowly defeated the green team as the commander of the white team during color war.

Lindley graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) but her love for camp never died. She went back to Camp Pinewood for 4 summers as a staff member and eventually worked her way up the totem pole to work in the office, which is where her relationship with Bunk1 began. As a camp liaison, Lindley now answers all of the questions she once asked. Everyone at Bunk1 knew who she was before she began working here because she called so frequently.

Fun Fact: Recently made her first snow angel
Favorite Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Best Vacation: Australia

Email Lindley: lindley@bunk1.com

Rob Burns

Rob Burns


Hometown: Warminster, England

After completing a business degree at England’s Bournemouth University, Rob flew to the states to find out what an American summer camp was all about. What was supposed to be a fun summer in America, became the most rewarding career at Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods Camps. Summer camp became the American Dream! Rob recently joined the Bunk1 team to take on a new challenge and gain a different perspective on the summer camp industry. Rob regularly speaks at local and national conference on how to lead, influence, and inspire others. Outside of the office, Rob is usually playing soccer, running the Hudson River Trail, or cycling around NYC.

Best Vacation: The bottom of the Grand Canyon
Fun Fact: Has lived in 5 different countries (England, Germany, Cyprus, Spain, and the United States)
Favorite Sports Team: Liverpool FC

Email Rob: rob@bunk1.com

Paul Hopson

Paul Hopson

Lead Designer/Software Engineer

Hometown: Kingston, Ontario Canada

Paul is from Ontario, Canada eh, and has been working with Bunk1 for 3 years. Before joining Bunk1, he worked as a scheduling director for 7 years at Camp Matoaka in Smithfield, Maine. While there, he developed various online tools for scheduling and organizing camp. Paul wasn’t just a big nerd, though! Seriously, he loved rocking out on guitar for the campers and being immersed in camp life.

Today, he develops and manages scheduling, transportation and other tools to help camps navigate their summers with Bunk1. When he’s not training for the next Skijoring championships, you can find Paul busking on the streets of Canada.

Here are some incredible facts you could not live without:

Favorite Song: Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins (yet he still doesn’t know the lyrics to the verses)
Best Prize I Ever Won: In 1989, Paul won the T-Ball game raffle, his prize was single cassette boom box with a super bass button.
Favorite TV Show: Has not yet been made, but when they finally make something that awesome, he’ll let you know.

Obi Akubue

Obi Akubue

Software Engineer

Hometown: Nimo, Anambra State, Nigeria

Obi grew up in the small University Town of Nsukka, Nigeria. He stayed close to home attending the University of Nigeria, where he graduated with a degree in Computer Science.

Obi played center defense and midfield in soccer, and was known to antagonize opponents as a defender. Now Obi is known for using his height to antagonize the other members of the tech team here at Bunk1.

Unfortunately for Obi, his favorite time of year only happens once every four years, as he loves the FIFA World Cup.

Obi joined the company in 2013 and works on the Bunk1 software platform designing components and new system features.

Favorite Hobbies: Health & Fitness
Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption
Favorite TV Shows: The Wire, Sopranos & Entourage

Adrianna Sgouris

Adrianna Sgrouis

Client Development

Hometown: Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Adrianna spent every summer from 8-22 years old at Pioneer Trails Day Camp. She met the most amazing friends and even got the title of Musical Chairs champion four years in a row.

Adrianna’s love of camp brought her to Bunk1 after she met CEO Ari at a silent auction event. She quickly fell in love with the camp industry and all the people she has met so far. When she isn’t working she enjoys to read, go to the gym, and travel. She is a self-proclaimed foodie who is currently learning how to cook.

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones and The Bachelor

Best Vacation: Rio De Janeiro for Rio 2016 Olympics

Fun Fact: She was on the Rosie O’Donnell show in third grade

Spirit Animal: Chrissy Teigen

Jared Arrington

Jared Arrington

Marketing Executive

Hometown: Orange County, VA

Growing up in Central Virginia, Jared has been a lifelong fan of camp and the outdoors. As a camper, counselor, and director, he could always be found by the water, usually either swimming, paddling a canoe, or fishing.

Jared came to Bunk1 from Washington, DC and loves hearing stories from camps, getting to know their teams, and listening to their goals and needs for the future. Outside of the office, Jared is either playing soccer, practicing music, watching sports, or volunteering. He will ask you about your NCAA bracket if he gets the chance— especially if you’re a fellow Wahoo!

Favorite TV Show: Big Brother, The West Wing

Favorite Day Of The Week: Sunday

Patronus Charm: Bullfrog