Welcome to BUNK1

Established in 1999, Bunk1 has been exclusively serving the camp community for 15 years. Since that time, our products and services have evolved tremendously but our mission has remained the same:
to continually enhance the summer camp experience for everyone involved, while maintaining the traditions and unparalleled childhood experience offered by our customers.


At Bunk1, we believe camp provides children with countless opportunities for personal growth. It is at camp that a child learns to be independent, work through difficulties, resolve conflicts, step outside of the comfort zone, and develop problem-solving skills that they will use throughout their adult life. The camp directors and staff are vitally important to this. Bunk1’s goal is to alleviate the administrative burden to allow camp directors to spend more time with their campers. Our summer services make all of this transparent, allowing parents to gain insight into how the camp experience is really benefiting their child.

Throughout this site, find out why Bunk1 is offering you the complete camp management solution. Then contact us to schedule a demo and we will show you how to customize our system for your organization.

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