2018 Camp Pinewood Camper/CIT Application

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'Camper' Information

  1. To be completed by June 2019

    'Parent 1' Information Copy contact information from 'Camper'

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  2. 'Emergency Contact 1' Information

Optional Trips: Two or three field trips per half session are included in each camper's tuition. In addition, we offer one special optional trip per half session which allows campers a choice of several trips: guided white-water rafting, Carowinds, Hollywild Animal Park, etc. The approximate cost per trip is $45.00 and includes transportation, lunch and spending money. An optional night activity is offered twice per half session at an approximate cost of $10.00 per trip.

Spending Money: We provide snacks and treats daily and often times during evening programs at no additional charge. Souvenir spending money can be deposited in the camp bank under each camper's name.

Pre-Camp Preparation: A complete pre-camp preparation kit including transportation information, clothing list, medical examination form, parents' confidential questionnaire, etc., will be mailed to each family approximately April 15th.

General Policies: Should a medical emergency arise, it is agreed that the camp will secure any treatment deemed necessary. Responsibility cannot be assumed for loss or destruction of Personal Property. CAMP PINEWOOD may use campers' names/photographs for public relations purposes. It should be noted that excessively long hair, eccentric hairstyles and earrings are not permitted in Boy's Camp-no beards or mustaches. Body piercing (other than the ears-females) is not permissible.

Camp Pinewood is committed to providing a safe, secure and appropriate camp experience for campers and Counselors-In-Training. IN order to accomplish this goal the cooperation of all campers and C.I.T.s is both needed and required. In certain circumstances, it may become necessary to dismiss a camper or C.I.T. whose conduct is inappropriate. Accordingly, Parents (and other guardians) who enroll campers and/or C.I.T.s at Pinewood are required to acknowledge the right of Camp Pinewood to dismiss those individuals where, it is necessary to do so in order to ensure the safety and well-being of its camp community and to continue to foster the appropriate atmosphere for all concerned.

Parents (and other guardians) of our Campers and C.I.T.s must acknowledge by signature indicating their consent to an immediate dismissal should Camp Pinewood's directors deem it necessary. Transportation and its expense are to be borne by the parent or guardian.

Although it is not possible to set forth a complete list of inappropriate behavior, the following conduct will provide some guidance in the determination of dismissal: Leaving camp grounds without staff supervision, the use of possession of tobacco products, the use or possession of alcohol,,,including any illegal drugs as well as any other stimulant, failure to follow the instructions of Camp directors and counselors, acts or threats of violence and/or bullying or taunting, abuse of another, possession or use of weapons including matches or lighters, and for entering the cabin or living quarters of the opposite sex at any time, day or night.

Parents (and guardians) understand and acknowledge that in the event of dismissal, there will be no refund or other recourse whatsoever. It is to be recognized that the camp is not reasonably able to seek a replacement for a camper during the midst of a camp session.

By submitting this application, I hereby agree to the foregoing as a condition of this enrollment agreement and give permission for my camper to attend CAMP PINEWOOD and to participate in the full camp program, including all optional trips. I am enclosing a $200 deposit per camper towards the tuition fee. Enrollment Application may be cancelled before December 15th and $150 will be refunded. Deposits will not be returned after December 15th. You will be billed for a non-refundable payment of $800, due on or before January 15th with the balance of tuition payable no later than May 1st. Failure to comply with these payment dates will result in enrollment cancellation. There is no refund for withdrawal, late arrivals, or early departures.


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