2019 Accelerated HS Application

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This high school course is offered only to current ARHS students entering 10th - 12th grade.

If you have any questions or issues about the application, please contact Bunk1 at 888-465-2267 or support@bunk1.com

'Camper' Information

  1. Grade for 2018-2019 School Year

    'Parent 1' Information Copy contact information from 'Camper'

  1. 'Parent 2' Information Copy contact information from 'Camper'

Refund Policy
All other fees are refundable five weeks prior to the start of your session. You must reschedule or cancel five weeks before the of your session. Camp fees are non-refundable if any changes are made within five weeks of the session date.

Photography / Video
The undersigned gives Camp Crusader all rights to any photographs/video taken of his/her child during the program activities for duplication, publications in advertising or for camp related purposes.


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