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As one of the 1st summer camps registered with Bunk1 I, we have enjoyed a most successful relationship. Our camp has always been treated like Bunk1 family. We have researched other companies only to find that they are only attempting to copy what Bunk1 has already perfected.

Joey Waldman, Camp Blue Ridge

I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Bunk 1 for 12 years now. They continue to be on the cutting edge of Camp technology. They continually are upgrading their tools to make them easier and better. The use of the photo gallery, two way e-mail, and the database have helped our camp a ton. They have excellent customer service for both myself as the director and my families using their technology. All of my camp families rave about the ease of use with their software and how nice they are when needed for help. I would recommend Bunk 1 to anyone!

Steve Kanefsky, Camp Menominee

I appreciate the capabilities of Bunk1 every day. It allows me to do my job more efficiently. Their level of customer service is unmatched in this industry. I am happy to recommend Bunk1 to anyone in the summer camp community.

Steven Bernstein, Diamond Ridge Camps

The camp business is a service-oriented business, and Bunk1 takes it to the next level each and every year.

Jason Silberman, Camp Matoaka

Bunk1.com was the first Internet company to truly understand the tremendous value and online presence had for camps. With innovative products and services like photo gallery and bunk messages, Bunk1.com has always been the leader in the field. They GET camp!

Bob Ditter

Camp Wa-Klo has used Bunk1 for photos and emails for years. I was new to uploading our camp photos last summer andhad a few questions. I decided to give Bunk1 a call at 10:30pm thinking I would leave a message. But “lo and behold” someone was in the Bunk1 office to answer my questions and fix the problem at that hour! When we decided to go to a paperless system for registration, forms, and all our other needs this year, using the Bunk1 Database was truly an easy decision. Again, the Bunk1 team is always there to help us with the transition to a totally wonderful program. The database program is great, and the Bunk1 team is terrific.

Susan Chenet, Camp Wa-Klo

More Testimonials

Bunk 1 offers our parents a great service. Being in an isolated area of Ontario,regular mail was always slow and unreliable.. All of our parents are thrilled with the service and from our end Bunk 1 has always been a pleasure to work with. They are thorough, attentive and spend time with us helping to individualize our program. A terrific company!!

Adam Kronick, Camp White Pine